Batman Automobilia : The Dark Knight Rises Special

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The first special edition of Batman Automobilia, the definitive collection of Batman vehicles features a stunning oversized (170mm/6" inches long) reproduction of The Bat in its own collectors case with a 3D lenticular scene from The Dark Knight Rises as the Bat is attempting to escape from the Gotham City Police force. A tank that takes to the air, The Bat is a tough addition to the Batman armory, brought out of mothballs to take on the forces of Bane in the concluding chapter of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.The magazine provides a fold-out cutaway view of this key asset in Batman's arsenal, with its hidden weaponry and propulsion systems revealed, plus concept drawings, schematics, and an in-depth look at the comic-book revival of the Dark Knight in DC Comics The New 52.

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